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Monitor your Smart Contracts

Track your contracts with error tracking, performance metrics and detailed contract analytics.

Improving Blockchain development

What does Tenderly do?

Tenderly enables blockchain developers to keep track of the execution of their smart contracts, giving them detailed information and a full stack trace of occurred errors while allowing them to continuously monitor those smart contracts using alerts.

We give you a full suite of development utilities to boost your productivity and let you focus on developing and improving your Smart Contracts while we watch out for them.


Error Tracking

Kickstart your development with advanced error tracking.

Stop going through the entire contract every time you it crashes, and instead instantly see where exactly in your code the contract failed.

Contract Analytics

Understand contract performance, dependencies, and cost.

With detailed contract analytics, execution details, and gas cost distribution.

Smart Alerting

Set how often and on what channels to be notified choosing from a list of predefined scenarios like block-filling, input parameters, number of executions, and gas price.

3:35 AM
Error: Invalid Opcode
CartItems.push(item, existingCart) at Cart.sol:187
Example Cart
Kovan Testnet

Deployment Overview

Know when and where your contracts were deployed with a complete history of contract versions and deployment addresses.

Get started easily

Tenderly aims to make integrating your project with us as easy as possible by utilizing already popular projects like Truffle.

We can use your Truffle configuration to scan your project for deployed contracts and start listening to their stack traces.

You can read our CLI installation guide to get started.

Command copied to your clipboard. Go ahead and try the command in your project.

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